I passionately believe that the Internet is a powerful tool for people, companies and organizations to meet their strategic goals. But like so many things in life, you get out what you put in. And in 2018, digital isn’t a cool feature, it is a core element of everything we do.

I have a deep curiosity for how to use technology in innovative ways. Ten years ago, I was learning HTML and CSS to make my blog look better. A few years later, I was working with developers to build Facebook apps when the platform was new to the corporate and public affairs space. That same curiosity led me to complete the Full Stack Web Developer course at Bitmaker/General Assembly in Summer 2017.

I took that thirst for knowledge and combined it with 20+ years experience in identifying and mobilizing target audiences to create an approach built for today’s current digital landscape. TL;DR: I understand how to find what people care about and I use the Internet to reach and empower them.

I consider myself your trusted guide through this constantly changing digital environment. I want to help you reach your audience, leveraging technology to do so in an impactful way. I love helping people achieve or exceed their goals through code.

Specialities: Public Affairs, Advocacy, Website Design, App Development, Social Media, Project Management

What I’m Working On: Node.js, React.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Jekyll, JavaScript, CSS Grid